The Olympics may be over but it won’t stop the media bringing it up for the next two weeks until the Paralympics kicks off, in the meantime, however, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why athletes from both games are real-life super heroes.

P.S If any filmmaker or anime studio is looking for a new action style project, why not try making some kind of crazy action movie out of these games. I mean we’ve had four Transformers movies already.

Also, if Jason Momoa drops out of the Justice League, you can easily just cast Team USA’s Michael Phelps.

So without further ado, here’s five reasons why Olympians are pretty much real-life super heroes.

  1. They already wear the costumes: If you look at the standard Olympic or Paralympics uniform and put up against your standard costumed hero, they look pretty similar. Both tend to be sleek and are all about manoeuvrability. Check out the costume the Flash wears compared to Sir Bradley Wiggins in his cycling gear. Both are sleek and outlandish and made for lots of movement. 4820892-3551730528-FlashBradley_Wiggins,_London,_2_August_2012_(cropped)
  2. They’ve got the skills to do some crime fighting and the build, too: Your average superhero is in great shape, even the ones with powers are, like Superman for example. Though think about it, you’ve got guys like Usain Bolt run at ridiculous speeds, people with insane aim, and guys who can play football blind. What do all these folks have in common? Great builds and some dope skills, just like Hawkeye and Daredevil and everyone’s favourite athletic wildcard, Batman.
  3. On paper, they’re supposed to be great role models: Just like their caped counterparts, society makes Olympic and Paralympics athletes role models, the do-gooders, and the living and breathing blueprint to being the best you can. I mean Superman and Batman were used by DC to promote tolerance and get rid of prejudice in America with a poster campaign encouraging their readers not to judge people on their race or religion, but on their character.
  4. They’ve already got a cool base of operations: Think about it, with all the wads of cash which is thrown at the games you can turn one of those Olympic stadiums into a pretty cool base of operations. Like the Hall of Justice for example.
  5. A chance to unite the world… with justice: Is there anything cooler than that?

I think I make a pretty good argument here. Simply put, Olympians are pretty close to being real-life super heroes.

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