Whilst browsing reddit last night before I quietly drifted off to the Land of Nod, I stumbled across a trailer over on /r/IndieGaming which caught my eye quicker than I usually catch the common cold. It was for a game called Abi, an adorable puzzle platformer from Grant&Bert Studios, and you NEED to check it out.

What immediately caught my eye with Abi was the game’s striking hand-drawn visuals. Each environment shown in the fairly brief trailer was as just as awe-inspiring as the last, pair that with the game’s main character, an adorable little yellow robot called Abi, and you’re on to a winner. At least for me.

The trailer, which you can see below, highlights some of the game’s backstory, though there’s very little information to go by. It seems players control the little yellow robot through a narrative driven game filled with puzzles.

Here’s the official blurb from the game’s website:

“ABI is a puzzle game driven by an in-depth storyline and well-developed characters. In ABI you will travel across a multitude of different environments, from industrial areas to empty desert sands, overcoming adversity and challenges along the way. Experience the moving trials and tribulations of the robots of ABI.”

Along the way players will find themselves meeting other robotic friends, from chefs, to a giant blue robot called “DD” who becomes Abi’s companion throughout the game. Abi was originally designed to be a domestic robot, with DD being used for more heavy industrial work, the developers tell me.

You can follow the game’s development over on Facebook and Twitter, as well as their YouTube channel where Grant&Bert Studios has a series of trailers for the game.

According to the developers they hope to have a Kickstarter campaign for the game live by the end of the year, with a proposed release window of “early 2017” though this is of course open to change.

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I can’t wait for this game! The visuals, the atmosphere, and my biased love for robots, combined with an actual focus on storytelling with such a visual style really makes me excited for it!

I’ve tried to find some way to contact the creators, with no luck. They don’t respond to tweets, the link to their ‘blog’ in their homepage (http://www.abigame.co/homeen) seems to be broken, and the “Meet the designers of Abi” at the bottom of their homepage doesn’t have any links or names, just avatars :/

Guess I’ll have to wait for that Kickstarter later this year.

Cyborg Rox
Cyborg Rox

Sorry about that link, here’s the English one: http://www.abigame.co/homeen

Cyborg Rox
Cyborg Rox

Aright, I managed to dig up their actual blog now!