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Times are changing for Battlestar Galactica and Voltron. These two obscure franchises are yet again being thrust into the limelight after many years of relaxed slumber in the geeky shade of pop culture.

Voltron has raced back into the limelight with a new animated series airing exclusively on Netflix, and with another change in comic publisher, a new comic has emerged and the quiet whispers of a live action movie as always, is in the background.

Meanwhile, the knee-jerk reaction to Star Wars has triggered the inevitable renaissance in science fiction with the buried Battlestar Galactica movie back on the cards after Syfy buried the franchise the many years ago. Just remember back when a New Hope came out, you could say the original, or classic, Battlestar Galactica was put on the cards after Star Wars revolutionised Star Wars.

Current publisher Dynamite also noticed this inevitable resurgence and have begun publishing a new series of Battlestar books. The only gripe I have with this is that I’m more of a fan of the 2003 re-imagined series as the 70’s retro sci-fi isn’t hugely my thing.

Sadly the 2003 stuff finished publishing a while ago. Though Dynamite did have something else to offer in the meantime, in the form of some Voltron books. Some were hit and miss really and lacked the real exciting vision the franchise kind of needed.

Though now, these two toys aren’t in the same chest, I can’t help thinking that an opportunity has been missed. Like a crossover comic between 2003 Battlestar and Voltron?

It would’ve been kind of cool if one day the fleet jumped into the same star system as the planet Arus (the planet where the Voltron team is based) and you mashed it all together.

Elmer Damaso who did the art for Voltron and Robotech could come back and do his thing and boom, a recipe for success. Well at least in my opinion.

I mean, crossovers do seem to work, look at all the Star Trek crossovers that IDW have used to hit home runs over the last couple of years.

Though yet again, this is just my opinion.

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