Ben Affleck has taken to Twitter to reveal some footage of Deathstroke and remind us that Justice League and a new Batman movie is on the way.

The footage is 27 seconds long and doesn’t contain any other context. The footage shows a menacing figure dressed as Deathstroke looking fairly bad ass and dressed in a style that just suits the aesthetic of the DC Movie Universe.

Is Deathstroke pegged for the Justice League movie? Or Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie? We just don’t know yet, heck Deathstroke could be turning up in The Flash or even Aquaman.

So, who is Deathstroke? Well, he began life as a Teen Titan villain who took a personal disliking of the team of teen superheroes after one of his kids are killed. He’s full title, is Deahtstroke the Terminator.

So with a bad ass title like, just take this clip in from Affleck’s Twitter account:

So here’s a little more on Deathstroke, AKA Wade Wilson, the one-eyed grey haired mercenary. After taking a super solider formula he can access 90% of his brain and is a master of hand to hand combat and weapons combat as well.

The dude’s kids are well known in the DCU. His son Joey was a member of the Teen Titans whilst his bad-ass daughter Rose walked the path of good and evil, while his dead son, Grant was never far from his thoughts.

Many considering Wilson as the anti-Batman, someone with the skills and motivation, but an evil alignment.

This won’t be Wilson’s first appearance in different media. Many will know him as the mysterious mastermind who taunted Robin in the 2003 animated Teen Titans series.

Next, he made an appearance in the Batman Arkham Origins Game as a formidable foe to the Dark Knight.

He even turned up in Arrow and then he was mysteriously yanked from the show…

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