Earlier this week, the Build-a-Bear Workshop announced that it is bringing a new Pokémon-themed toy to its stores, this time an Eevee plushie with a web-exclusive bundle. Of course, I like many others, was keen to get my hands on the adorable little snufflepoo, but sadly a mere minutes after it launched online today, it sold out.

The plush, along with the limited edition bundle that included the Eevee toy, an Eevee Cape, a Pokéball Sleeper, a 5-in-1 Sound doodad, and a Build-a-Bear exclusive Pokémon TCG Card, launched online earlier today, ahead of schedule, and as you’d expect, promptly sold out.

There is good news however, as you can still grab the standard Eevee and even have it stuffed right before your eyes, in store. Though that requires going outside, and Pokémon Go has me doing that enough as it is.

Of course, it’s highly likely that these will also be in high demand, so maybe its worth trying to crack that 10km egg you’ve been holding onto for some time?

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