Dear Esther PS4 XO #1

If you were a huge fan of The Chinese Room’s latest adventure, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, then you may be pleased to hear that their debut first-person narrative adventure Dear Esther is set to come to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next month.

Coming September 20, current-gen console owners will be able to jump into the game which will see them on an island on the Hebrides, off the coast of Scotland, as they discover a series of letters addressed to the protagonists late wife. The game has often been considered a “walking simulator” and is definitely one you should experience.

The current-gen release will be published by Curve Digital and will be renamed Dear Esther: Landmark Edition. It’ll offer graphical and gameplay updates as well as a new directors’ commentary from the original development team.

This commentary, according to Curve Digital will offer “first-hand insight on never-before-heard details, and provides a fresh perspective on the game’s development and legacy,” which sounds pretty interesting.

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition will launch digitally for $9.99.

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