When trailers are released on the Internet, sleuths usually pick apart every aspect of the thing looking for hints and clues. Take Overwatch for example, every trailer for that game gets completely pulled apart and some complex reference to something is unearthed. However, one trailer which was chock full of secrets really didn’t get a second look, and that’s Arkane Studios’ Prey.

Apparently, despite being pretty bizarre, the E3 reveal trailer for Prey was full of little hints and secrets. And while some things sparked discussion, Arkane themselves have actually pulled apart the trailer for us to show us the meaning behind some of the things in the trailer.

Studio president and Prey creative director Raphael Colantonio has addressed some of the discussion points from the trailer, highlighting the space station, to the morning-ruining aliens, even a cup of coffee.

Check out the new video below:

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Prey is scheduled for a 2017 release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

It’s recently been revealed that Prey won’t be a sequel or a remake of the original, rather than a total reboot of the game that’ll have a fairly Arkane feel about it.

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