Turtle Rock Studios have detailed the latest content set to arrive in Evolve: Stage 2 as part of a much larger “Shear Madness” event. The content, titled Cataclysm, adds a new map which is “engulfed in hellfire and molten lava”.

This appears to be a remake of the Orbital Drill map, which has been “altered”, according to Turtle Rock, explaining that “the sky has been consumed with embers, soot and smoke that could engulf the whole planet. Strangely enough alongside the hellfire, the planet seems to have taken some of the Hunters healing technology through this transformation.”

This new map seems to have completely ramped up the game making it pretty hardcore, not only does the map mess with Hunters healing tech, it also has “hellfire mereors” falling from the sky leaving behind damage-dealing areas of effect. Fortunately, there are a handful of “Generyst” infused meteors leaving healing areas everywhere too.

Aside from the new map, the update will also come with co-op versus AI matchmaking, and has players taking on bots allowing players to get to grips with the game, or just casually play with friends.

The Cataclysm content is available now in the Hunt matchmaking and the co-op matchmaking queues.

The Shear Madness event is set to last for five weeks with a new update coming each week.

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