Did you think the Power Rangers could stop a zombie themed villain? They almost did, but could the rangers survive a zombie apocalypse? Or would this threat prove to be much for even the teenagers with attitude?

So we pick up where we left off, Jason and Zack have wiped out the infected with their Megazords and this has angered Zordon, as he wanted them to wait for a cure created by Billy and not kill the innocent who have been infected.

He strips the two rangers of their powers and exiles them from the city. The Power Rangers semi-retire, a frustrated Billy locks himself away in the Command Centre determined to prove he could create a cure and a decent offence.

Zordon goes on a pilgrimage feeling the world is safe and he needs time away from humans, Alpha powers down feeling lonely and overwhelmed. Elsewhere, Kim joins the police force along with Rocky, Adam, and Aisha under a sullen Sergeant Stone who lost many good colleagues during the virus outbreak.

No one has seen Lord Zedd or Rita in a couple of weeks, that is until one day on the moon, after the redundant zombie Putty Finster is left after the cannibal slaughter, his zombie rotted brain figures out how to teleport to Angel Grove and the infection begins once again.

It’s a year later, Angel Grove has been quarantined, the infection has infected 98% of the population of Angel Grove. Meanwhile a deranged Billy has nearly finished the cure, he needs one more thing and he wants Kim to go get it for him.

He powers up Alpha 5 and sends him into the city, with the red, yellow and black power coins, he’s figured a way to transfer the power to three new people, the new Power Rangers.

Kim, Rocky, Adam and Aisha and the remaining police force have barricaded themselves in a hospital, things are getting desperate and supplies are low. Kim occasionally morphs up to fight the zombies, but something is draining power from the morphing grid.

Alpha arrives at the hospital with the morphers and explains they have 6 hours to get to Ernie’s Juice Bar and find the ingredient Billy needs to finish his cure before zombie Finster finishes his zombie giant monster who’ll destroy what’s left of the city.

The bar is all the way across town and the team must make their way on foot across the dangerous city…

Will our new heroes make it?

[To be continued…]

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