CCP, the developers behind the hugely successful and influential EVE Online, were at Gamescom last week to show off some of their newest titles coming soon to the PlayStation VR. Both EVE Valkyrie and EVE Gunjack were playable at their booth on PlayStation 4 consoles with PlayStation VR headsets, and we got the chance to get hands (eyes?) on with each.

EVE Valkyrie, already available for Oculus Rift, is to me the peak of my expectations for virtual reality. Being able to jump into a spacecraft and fly around engaging in dog fights as I pull off barrel rolls and skill shoots is one of the highlights, for me. Full disclosure, this was not my first time experiencing EVE Valkyrie but it was, however, my first time experiencing the game on PlayStation VR. The headset is lightweight and comfortable with a clear and clean display. Making it all the better to take the fight up close and really make the enemy sweat as you take them down.

Now what’s great about EVE Valkyrie is that you can look around freely, despite the ships direction and orientation. Are their enemies behind you but not sure which side? Well, just turn your head to get a better view before reacting on the controller to try and position yourself better. This freedom to look around also applies to some of the weapons as you’ll often be looking around to lock onto a target with smart rockets before watching them blow up as you race past. It’s a dizzying experience for sure but one that you find easier to handle than other VR titles.


The only real downside with EVE Valkyrie is that it does get to a point where you feel like you have hit the peak of what the title can offer you. Though I love the feeling of flying through space, firing rockets and barrel rolling past meteors, it does get a bit old a bit fast. That’s not to say that EVE Valkyrie is bad, far from it. I would say that CCP have created one of the better VR titles with EVE Valkyrie and it’s great to see it coming to PlayStatation VR. At the same time though, I just don’t know if I could pour hours and hours into this title, but that’s just my personal opinion.

EVE Gunjack on the other hand is a more arcade-style title in which you need to defend your position by using a turret emplacement. You aim by moving your head around and use the PlayStation 4 controller to fire and perform other actions. The level I played had me hold off against a number of different waves of enemies before engaging in a boss battle of sorts. It was a good little demo that reminded me of the old days of arcades.

Speaking of arcades, occasionally while you shoot your way through enemies, some will drop power ups which you can grab to change up the pace of the gameplay. From bigger and better weapons, to health, and more, there is a focus on that arcade feel here in EVE Gunjack which is great. I found the boss fight interesting as I was able to grab parts of the ship that had been blown off and use them to shield me giving me an extra edge in this hectic VR shooter. I couldn’t help but laugh with joy as ships exploded all around me.


Sci-fi is honestly a great fit for VR and both EVE Valkyrie and EVE Gunjack show just how much fun can be found in such titles. From the arcade feel of EVE Gunjack to the intense action of EVE Valkyrie it’s all here for any sci-fi fan. Both titles ran great on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR headsets and will be releasing in the coming weeks along with the release of PlayStation VR. Make sure to check them both out if you can and experience some solid sci-fi action.

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