Season two of Attack on Titan is on its way, but before that, it’s time for me to consult and help the Survey Corps to become the best expeditionary wing of the human race has ever seen or hopefully will ever need.

Here’s a quick recap of what Attack on Titan is. In an alternate world giant monsters called Titans have forced humanity to hide behind giant walls and with the help of grapple belts (sometimes called ODM or 3D directional gear, it depends on the translation really) they attempt to fight back and reclaim what is left of Europe.

If you think about it, the corps has a lot of flaws which are holding it back and making the defeat of those darn Titans that much harder. So check it out below, and see how we can make things go so much easier.

The Survey Corps needs to start wearing some better clothes: Yes, those spiffy cloaks and jackets look rather cool but they aren’t really offering any kind of protection are they?

Most Titan related fatalities seem to come down from corps members being slapped off course by the Titans and hitting their heads. So to me, it just makes sense to wear a helmet and some body armour? That should reduce fatalities significantly.

Also, if you’ve seen the Incredibles, you’ll just realise a cape is just a recipe for disaster. RIP Syndrome.

The corps needs to invest in way more weapons: We can debate the quality of the live action Attack on Titan movies as much as we want, but one decent thing that did come out of the only one I’ve seen, is how the Survey Corps only weapon wasn’t the grapple belts.

You had a girl with a bow and arrow (who I think it was supposed to be Annie?) and a dude running around with a giant axe.

Maybe if they invested in some dudes with a good aim and a passion for chopping it could make life easier.

So hopefully if they keep this in mind, they might win that war against the Titans.

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