I did it, after much stopping and starting I finally finished the Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga, five or six volumes later I know how the original story was going to end. So what did I think all of it?

It can be said with confidence that it’s very different from previous Dragon Ball Z sagas as it incorporates more comedy and slapstick. It does also stick faithfully to the template of the very powerful villain toying with the supporting cast… until Goku turns up.

Though this time, the supporting cast get some fancy upgrades, like the Gotenks fusion story or how Gohan gets a second shot at being the big hero. Though we all knew what was going to happen, Goku would return and put the villain down by becoming a more powerful than the most powerful villain ever (in this saga).

Before I read the manga, my only knowledge of the Buu saga came from the games, and now I’ve read the manga I can see how much the story has had to change, since so much of the story is influenced by stuff that doesn’t really involve fighting, a lot of Buu’s transformation tends to happen in between fights.

The thing is, I did enjoy reading this arc, it’s not my favourite arc since I enjoyed the Androids and Cell saga much more, because I really enjoyed Gohan’s character and how he became so great.

Despite enjoying it, you can tell Akira Toriyama is a little bored of writing the story now and that’s why he’s sprinkling as many jokes as possible into it. Some work and some just kill the built up tension.

Also, I know Toriyama did not like the design for Vegito, but I always did, it’s mostly because Vegito was one of the best characters to play as in the PS2 era. His was strong and powerful and his voice acting and dialogue was pretty awesome.

Overall, I’m glad I finished the arc, no I haven’t really watched Dragon Ball Super and I may not for a while since I read the manga, because it was much quicker than watching the anime and when I found out Dragon Ball Kai was adapting the saga in nearly 100 episodes, it made my mind up.

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