Have you ever noticed odd coincidences in your life? I’ve noticed an odd Dragon Ball Z one in mine. Every time I attempt to make my way through the Buu saga, life tends to get rather cross and intervene.

When I had my PS2 and my 14-year-old zitty skin, I became totally stuck on Dragon Ball Budokai 2 against Kid Buu, who the CPU must have really really favoured since I could never beat him.

Every time I tried to watch the anime online, life would punch me in the stomach and say “no”. Eventually, I concluded there was one last logical step. Read the manga, it makes more sense surely? I mean had watched the anime and played the games for the most part so I knew the story from the Saiyan saga up until the Cell Saga.

Maybe it was time to be a little clever about it. I mean I could get them on my kindle. It was a perfect plan. Though one slight snag came up…

Okay, to explain that said snag imagine your favourite dish. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood, until you’re in the mood to eat it right?

I mean everyone does say this about the time that writer and artist Akira Toriyama got a little bored with writing the manga after his editors kept nudging him to keep the series going. So you just have to wonder how good it is really.

Though you need to try and it find out right? So you might as just give it a go.

However, every time my reading appetite was just right it’d be the wrong time financially, every time I would pick up a volume… Boom it wouldn’t be financially viable to complete my goal.

The engine and the fuel just wasn’t matching up at all. Then finally blessing disguised as a Comixology sale arrived. So boom I’ve got the last volumes of the Buu Saga downloaded all ready to go. The right fuel is in the tank as well.

What do I think of it? We’ll I’ll let you know… eventually.

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