Power Rangers

The Power Rangers have managed to take down many threats without breaking a sweat, but how could they get on against a horde of zombies with your typical infection that’s quickly spreading all over the world? Could they survive or would they become zombie chow?

How this grim scenario came around involves Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd as the evil duo are again looking for another way to destroy Zordon and the Power Rangers. When they discover that a lab in Angel Grove has produced a dangerous toxic chemical called Compound ZMB (on the nose I know) that the rangers and most the city are protesting against, they hatch a plan.

The duo know how lame and obsolete their foot soldiers, the Putty Patrollers, are and it’s time for an upgrade. They mould a new monster called the Slime Splatter, a monster that can squirt anyone with its goo and turn them into a new kind of Putty, well that’s what they hope anyway.

Slime Splatter, needs some fuel. Heading down the lab in Angel Grove, Goldar leads a time of Putties against the rangers, while Slime Splatter absorbs the toxic chemical.

He instantly starts spraying the scientists, but something goes wrong as these putties turn part putty and half garden-variety Zombie. Unfortunately everyone’s favourite troublesome bullies Bulk and Skull have sneaked into the lab to impress everyone. This, of course, doesn’t go very well when they’re bitten by the zombie Putties and also turn into zombie foot soldiers.

It all goes from bad to worse when they bite Slime Splatter and he turns against Rita and Zedd causing them to return to their Moon Palace and infect everyone in sight.

On Earth, the infection spreads rapidly and when Goldar is bitten the rangers are forced to morph, as their morphed forms are protected from the virus. All except Tommy and Trini get to morph and they are infected.

The Rangers return to the Command Centre where Billy starts working on a cure, but Jason and Zack know there’s only one thing they can do. With Zordon’s reluctant approval he lets Jason and Zack use their Zords to round up all the zombies in an abandoned part of town while Kim rescues as many civilians as she can.

When all the zombies are rounded up, including the two fallen rangers, they use their Zord weapons to destroy all of them, and hopefully the infection.

Or did they…

[To be continued]

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