Kanye West leaving building after incident
Kanye West leaving building in Beverly Hills after incident- fight with a person- a few minutes before the police showed up- Jan 13, 2014 X17online.com

Last month rumours began to circulate suggesting that Apple was in talks with Tidal regarding an acquisition of the Jay-Z-owned service. While those rumours have been dismissed by Tidal spokespersons, someone else has decided to weigh in on the rumours… Kanye West.

Yep, once again West has weighed in on an issue he clearly knows little about calling for Tim Cook to acquire Tidal, and while he’s at it, to also stop acting like Steve Jobs. Here’s West’s tweets in question:





Probably the most ironic part of this Twitter rant is that Kanye himself actually launched his latest album, Life of Pablo, exclusively on Tidal, following a brief launch on iTunes which was quickly removed. He also followed this release claiming that his album will never be available to purchase, and will “never be on Apple”.

What changed your mind, Kanye?

Of course, looking deeper into this, Kanye, along with Jay-Z and various other big musicians are co-founders of Tidal, so these Tweets could confirm that a talk is on the cards, and those talks aren’t going very well.

Though, it comes as no surprise considering Tidal, while would be a solid acquisition, wouldn’t mean too much for Apple, as it’s reported 4.2 million subscribers barely scrape Apple’s 13 million. Where the acquisition would benefit Apple would be with the acqui-hire of its board of high-value artists, which would likely bump the company’s relationship with other musicians.

While Kanye publicly ranting about the acquisition may help Tidal’s case, but asking Tim Cook to “stop acting like you Steve”, probably isn’t a good idea.

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