minecraft tumble

Good news Minecraft players, Mojang and Microsoft have launched another brand new mini game which will come free as part of today’s Minecraft game update.

In a similar fashion to the Battle mini game which launched earlier this year, this is a free game mode that’ll have players competing against each other to achieve certain objectives. Tumble is the latest addition and has players play a competitive version of The Floor is Lava.

In Tumble, players must avoid falling into the pit of lava by making sure other players make their way into it first. You can do this in a number of ways, by destroying blocks that they’re standing on, or just whacking them. Each player will start equipped with a shovel and snowballs, and it’s a case of trying to get everyone else in first while trying not to fall in yourself.

Check out the new trailer below.

In addition to the new Tumble mini game, the Battle mini game will also get some new additions with three new maps. These will come as part of the Battle Map Pack #3 that’ll cost £2.39.

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