Pokemon GO Qualtrics

Although it seems Niantic Labs may have been hard at work ensuring any third-party tool for Pokémon Go no longer works, it looks like they have actually been busy working on the game as a new update hopes to tell you whether you have a fighting chance when heading into battle.

In a new update rolling out to Pokémon Go across the world, a new feature hopes to give players more of an insight as to the strength of their monsters. This Appraisal feature has been designed to reveal which Pokémon are worth powering up, and which are best left for Candy fodder.

This new addition will likely be an integral tool for anyone interested in taking down Gyms and creating their most powerful team.

It’s an interesting addition, which will likely make fans who made the most of PokéAdvisor pretty happy following Niantic’s forced closure of the service. The feature will hopefully reveal exactly which of your Pokémon are the most powerful, using each of the monsters hidden attributes named IVs, which determine the defence, stamina, and attack power.

This new method works pretty simply within the app. Players submit their potential Poké to be tested by their Team Leaders, who will then inform you of the results.

It’s definitely an interesting and much requested feature, but I can’t help think that it’s a little too late for such a feature to come along, as I’m already seeing people using the game a lot less than they were a few weeks back.

This update is currently rolling out across the world, however at time of writing it’s yet to hit the UK.

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