No Mans Sky Ship Combat

If you’re looking to find a game that was over-hyped yet completely under-delivered then look no further than No Man’s Sky. While the game may have launched successfully to some degree, the weeks following launch have shown that despite the hype, players aren’t that interested in the game.

Earlier this week, with the release of the UK Gaming Charts, it was revealed that retail sales of No Man’s Sky had dropped, at least in the UK, by around 80%. This trend is also repeating itself on PC, where it’s being reported that the concurrent player numbers for the game has dropped by 90%.

At launch, the PC version of No Man’s Sky saw over 212,620 players exploring the vast universe of the game, a pretty impressive number despite the game being slightly broken at launch. Just two weeks later however, those numbers have dwindled – to put it lightly.

According to data from both SteamSpy and SteamDB, the decline in player numbers is around 90%. On August 12, the day of launch on PC, the player count hit 212,604. Right now however, that number has dropped to around 19,300 – the current highest number of concurrent players in the past 24 hours.

This of course says a lot about the game, which was absolutely hyped to hell, and upon release completely angered fans due to missing features, broken gameplay, and a clear misconception of what the game was supposed to include.

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