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It’s been a long and winding road for Introversion Software’s Prison Architect. Following its release last year, the team have still been working hard to release periodic updates to the game, but now that update cycle has come to an end.

Earlier this week Introversion Software sent out its final update announcement for v2.0 and revealed that this would be the last big content update as the developers move on to something new.

“Prison Architect has been such a big thing in our lives for so long now,” designer Chris Delay said in the video. “You have to go all the way back to 2010 for the beginning of this process. It really has been pretty damn life-changing for us.”

Version 2.0 follows more than 40 monthly updates for the game since it entered its beta state a few years back. This new update brings with it a handful of developer tools and cheats allowing for prison building to speed up somewhat. There are also a handful of bug fixes and debug options among other things.

All of these new features are highlighted in the below video which is around an hour long once again featuring Chris Delay and Mark Morris.

As for the future of Prison Architect and Introversion Software, the game will still receive the occasional tweak and bug fix patch, but nothing as major as we’ve seen before. The studio are also working on an iPad version of the game which they’ll have more information on soon.

The next game from the studio is Scanner Sombre, a “cave game” which they’re currently prototyping.


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