Following yesterday’s explosion of info, images, and even videos of the PS4 Slim which was sold over Gumtree, more info has surfaced on even more changes being made to the console, this time it’s the controller getting the main focus.

While the DualShock 4 controller which comes with the PS4 Slim looks largely the same, there’s one little difference, notice that little light line at the top of the touch pad, that’s not glare, instead it looks to be a small translucent slit that’ll allow some light to shine through from the gamepad’s lightbar.

When the PlayStation 4 launched, Sony focused briefly on the light bar on the PlayStation 4 which could be used to not only tell players who’s controller belongs to who, but also indicate life levels and other things in-game.

For the most part, this feature is wildly underused and unnoticed due to the light bar’s position. However with the new controller, it looks like the light bar may actually get some use as a small translucent bar has been added to the controller.

Although the original video of the controller (and the video from Eurogamer showing off the PS4 Slim) has been removed, we’ve got the above screenshot to hand. Plus, the owner of the PS4 Slim has been answering questions on Twitter:

It’ll be interesting to see whether this is a new light bar, or just a way for players to see the lightbar’s status at a glance. If it is an additional light, there are concerns that the already dismal battery life will further deteriorate with the addition of a new light bar.

Sony is expected to unveil the Slim at the September 7 event, with rumours suggesting a September 14 release date.

We’ll know much more in a few weeks time.

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