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It’s looking like the release of Hello Game’s vast exploration game, No Man’s Sky, is becoming a bit of a disaster. As players were incredibly underwhelmed by the game by both its available features, and of course features which never arrived, many are calling for refunds, and for the most part, they’re being granted.

According to players on reddit and NeoGAF, they’re being granted refunds on Steam, Amazon, and even Sony’s own PSN service. Users reporting technical difficulties with the game have been receiving refunds, even those who have played over 50 hours on the game. Most success stories have also come via live chat channels rather than email.

While most of these refunds hardly seem newsworthy, the most surprising part of this story is the PSN refunds. According to Sony’s own refund policy, refunds will be granted for games purchased within a 14-day period, but only if the player hasn’t begun downloading the game. However although some have reported the inability to get refunds, others have shared their success. “For anyone who is not getting a refund I would just keep trying,” said Reddit user whaaatcrazy. “I’m not sure why it works for some and not others but no harm in just trying again.”

No Man’s Sky launched earlier this month and while the game quickly shot to the top of the charts and became one of the most popular launches on Steam this year, sales and player numbers quickly declined following a raft of issues being discovered for the game, as well as the supposed multiplayer features being practically non existent.

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slartibartfast the second

cant wait for all the haters to get refunds…goodbye…good riddance !

any chance i can get a refund on that steaming turd wars battlefront ? no ? shame

now ..back to exploring the galaxy


NMS would have been fine if they didn’t advertise stuff they weren’t actually going to include in the release, or be completely honest and upfront to the players about the state of the game. As it stands, it looks like a pre-alpha version missing a lot of features.