Last week Respawn Entertainment ran their first multiplayer tech test for Titanfall 2 in an effort to garner feedback from players. Now that it’s over, many players had complaints about some of the new changes so Respawn has vowed to fix them.

This past weekend was the first time a select number of players could dive into the world of Titanfall 2 to test out some of the new gameplay mechanics including wall running, the new grappling hook mechanic, as well as experiencing some of the various balance changes made in comparison to the previous release.

While for the most part the response was positive, there were a number of complaints from players which haven’t gone unheard. In a new blog post from Respawn Entertainment, they addressed some of the problems players highlighted and have gone into detail about why these changes were made, and what they plan on doing to make things a little better for players.

One of the many complaints Respawn received was to do with player movement. In the new game, it seemed wall running, linking chains of wall runs together felt slower, as well as movement in the air. Now, in the next tech test, movement should be quicker both in the air and while wall-running. In addition, the more players link wall-runs together, the quicker they’ll become.

Another complaint, something we even noted in our hands-on with the game at Gamescom, was the Titan Meter. In the previous game players were able to passively fill their titan meter by a small amount during general play,. In the first tech test, this wasn’t so much the case and required players to complete objectives in order to top it up quickly. In the next tech test, the meter will now slowly fill as time goes on, regardless.

Respawn goes into several other details explaining why Titans seem to be taken down so much quicker, as well as adding that Titan dashes will recharge faster. The blog post is definitely worth a read.

Titanfall’s next tech test is set to take place this weekend from August 26 -28. You can download the test clients for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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