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Listen closely Daniel San, it’s time to check out the top 5 geeky martial art moves you can use in your next ultimate showdown with your arch nemesis for the fate of the world and in some cases, the universe.

From energy attacks to crazy powerful punches let’s check out the top 5 nerdy martial arts moves that exist all across nerdom:

The Kamehameha from Dragon Ball Z: No list like this is complete without a reference to one of the most popular martial art animes of all time. The energy blast that was taught to Goku by Master Roshi is the ultimate finisher move for when you have your opponent on the ropes, or in this case that same opponent drops a huge ball of energy on the Earth and you have no choice but to try and deflect it.

5 Steps to Sun from G.I Joe Retaliation: This might be an obscure one since it’s an animated movie made out of webisodes, but it’s still a good move if you’re going to go toe to toe against a ninja who has an unhealthy obsession with you. Broken down into 5 steps defeat your enemy with this classic kill move which will surely end your bitter feud with your once brother in arms.

Vulcan Death Grip from Star Trek: Hand to hand combat on board a starship is extremely tricky and you don’t want to waste valuable time battling with a Klingon when you could be on the bridge helping your captain. Using this move is tricky and it will require lots of practice to get right, outside of the Vulcan race one of the few who’ve successfully have used it is Data. Use with caution my friends.

The alien octopus martial art used by Batman 1 Million: If you ever find yourself off-world or in the distant future, make sure you make the best of it and brush up on your skills. When Bruce Wayne was downed by his future successor, he learned a valuable lesson, always fear someone who knows the martial arts of an alien squid race.

The sexy justu from Naruto: This is if your enemy is very strong or just very pervy. It’s quick and effective, but make sure you have some tissues on standby for all those nosebleeds you’ll end up causing.

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