We’ve got another Transformers movie on the way and with some luck this franchise will do a Fast and Furious and I will somehow begin to enjoy them a whole lot more.

Also, that animated series by Machinima was pretty darn good, just like the Street Fighter one and the Mortal Kombat one that I’ve just caught up on.

Critically, most can say The Transformers live action films aren’t great. With some much continuity for filmmakers to adapt, it could be hard for them to choose what do next. Though, in the unlikely event that Dreamworks decide to scrap the robot bashing cash cow that they’ve got going now, I’ve got three things they could use to make a better movie.

Bring in the Star Sabre: The first Transformers show I watched was Beast Wars, the next one I watched was Transformers Armada and there, I was introduced to one of my favourite bits of mythology. The Star Sabre.

Imagine a lightsaber made for giant robots that’s made out of out three different vehicles and glows. To me, that’s pretty cool and it’s like an alternate lightsaber that a giant Jedi could use.

Or maybe it would go nicely with one of those Star Wars themed Transformers toys that you sometimes see.

Spikes suit from the animated movie: From a marketing point of view this kind of makes sense. Iron Man is hugely popular in the west and in Asian markets, so rival studios are going to want to replicate that success.

So Spikes transforming suit seems like a good source to adapt from. I could totally see someone creating a transforming Iron Man like armour to appease the marketing department mandate for something to make toys from.

Plus, an armour suit that can transform into a car sounds pretty cool to me.

Make a crossover with Fast and the Furious and set it on Velocitron: The Fast and Furious franchise seems to be getting more brilliantly ridiculous with each instalment by doing even more crazy things with cars.

It seems that eventually, someone would think that it’s totally feasible for one of these said cars to Transform and the Fast and Furious crew being dragged into The Transformers universe.

I mean Vin Diesel is a huge Dungeon and Dragons fan, so make a deal with him to make another one of those, or mix some magic in there and boom, you got the Fast and the Furious crew being recruited by the Autobots to take part in some race for the galaxy on the planet Velocitron, a planet where Transformers do nothing but race.

So those are three things I’d use to make a decent rebooted Transformers movie, and just end these three good ideas with a bad one to remind you life is full of up and downs. Transformers Kiss players.

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