Scorched Earth

ARK: Survival Evolved is still well within its Early Access stages, so you can probably guess how surprised players became when Studio Wildcard announced the release of the Scorched Earth Expansion its first “complete” expansion, which players are expected to pay for.

Yep, a game which is still technically in development has just received a complete DLC expansion for £15. What’s more, the paid expansion launches on both Xbox One and PC, which is just bizarre.

Anyway, as you’d expect, the gaming community isn’t best pleased about a ton of new content coming to this Early Access / Game Preview title which is essentially being held behind a £15 paywall, and have lashed out accordingly. At time of writing, the game has Overall “Mostly Positive” reviews on Steam, but its recent reviews have given it a “Mostly Negative” score.

It doesn’t take too long to find people unhappy with the recent addition either, just scouring the recent reviews for ARK: Survival Evolved on Steam show people’s distaste for the paid expansion:

“They must have given up on developing this game, they used to do free content releases and updates under the tag of ‘Finishing the fucking game,’ they instead opted for optional DLC and as of now 20$ paid DLC,” one user wrote. “I loved this game but this shilling is horrible. Finish your damn game, fix the bugs, ping compensation/hitreg is still shit.”

“It’s an Early Access game means the game is unfinished. It’s also unheard of to release a DLC that you have to pay for on an unfinished game,” added another. “Now you release your new map and stamp it like ‘Hey, we ran out of money. Send us your money!’ On that part that’s poor budgeting. But that’s how most people are seeing that.”

I’m also pretty confused as to why Studio Wildcard released paid-for, finished DLC for a game that is essentially still in beta (at a push).

For those interested, the recently released Scorched Earth expansion offers a brand new desert setting, a handful of new creatures, and 50 new craftable items. With no water, and weather becoming a big player in the game Scorched Earth sounds like it would have made a great update to the game, rather than a paid expansion.

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