Blue, the makers of that ball on a stick – also known as the Snowball iCE – has unveiled a brand new and more portable microphone for those who love to podcast on the go: The Raspberry.

The Raspberry is a much more compact, portable microphone which hopes to have those who are constantly on the go, have a much better recording experience. This iOS and USB microphone offers plug-and-play audio tracking without spending ages setting things up.

Probably the best part about the Blue Raspberry (OHHHHH I GET IT!) is the design which Blue have gone with. Rather than the same old square mobile-compatible shape, they’ve opted for a more 1920s vibe. Complete with a folding stand it can be stood up, laid down, or held with ease. When folded away, the stand also offers a layer of protection, too.


In addition to the USB port found on the Raspberry, there’s a headphone jack for monitoring audio as well as a volume knob on the side. Finally, there’s also a gain control on the other side of the microphone to adjust input levels. This knob also doubles up as a mute button.

Finally, aside from the design, the Blue Raspberry contains Internal Acoustic Diffuser technology which focuses on voices or instruments to eliminate background noise. This will make the microphone well suited to all environments, says Blue, including close to the source of audio, or further away in the centre of a table.

What makes things even more convenient is that the Blue Raspberry will work with any recording app thanks to its Lightning and USB cables. So whether you’re using your iPhone or Laptop, you’ll be able to record decent audio on the go.

The Raspberry is available to purchase now for $200 from Amazon and other retailers where Blue products are sold.

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