What happens to Robert Kirkman’s baby, Invincible? Does it get rebooted in the same way that the New 52 does? Is it a Marvel NOW event? Well, don’t worry I’m here to explain it to you.

So who is Invincible? Well, it’s a long-running Image Comics superhero book written by the guy who created The Walking Dead. The whole ongoing gag is the criticism and commentary on your standard superhero comic.

Mark Grayson, is the son of this world’s Superman-like hero and it’s all about violence and Kirkman railing against superhero tropes.

Two good examples of this includes how one superhero get’s her superhero identity rumbled because she doesn’t get to wear a mask, and how genius level intellect superheroes could be put to better use if they utilised it in a prison that doesn’t really punish them but tries to better humanity.

One thing Kirkman has ribbed against in the issue I’ve read recently is the whole reboot culture comics are currently stuck in. So when the titular hero, Mark Grayson is sent back in time to the first issue of the comic, Mark gets a chance to change everything on the request of a mysterious alien entity.

Mark does what any guy would go if he could live his live differently, he tries hard to fix everything. With his in-depth knowledge of the future, he helps all the heroes of this world rumble all the super-villains and rumble their plans for world domination.

Though, he’s subtly warned by a fellow hero to not get “too creative”, a criticism of how some reboots and relaunches are lacking creative ambition?

Things are going well for Mark, he’s basically putting out the fires before they begin, he’s saving the day like a boss, but he’s not happy. The heart is missing, he’s not with his girlfriend and mother of his child and he’s miserable that he’s missing out on this history.

When the entity turns up again and offers him the chance to choose which reality he wants to live in. He elects to go back, why? because he doesn’t get why his life has been rebooted.

Yeah, that’s right, the superhero doesn’t get why everything has to change, because it hasn’t been explained very well.

Can’t help feeling Kirkman isn’t happy about something.

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