Match-three puzzlers are all over the place nowadays, especially on mobile. While most of these puzzle games offer the same sort of mechanics, Castles hopes to shake it up by adding co-operative play, and specific rule sets for success.

Castles challenges two players to take on 50-levels of puzzles to build King Harold’s tower. The way this is done is by players working together to match three of the same materials needed to build that floor. However, as more materials fall, they’ve got to act fast. Add to that they’ve also got weather to overcome as well as five bosses sent by the jealous King Edmund.

There’s three modes available in Castles, Story which features the aforementioned 50 levels; Survival, which has players building as tall a castle as they can; and finally Versus, which has players face-off against each other to build the tallest castle.

Check out the gameplay trailer for Castles below:

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Castles is set to arrive digitally on Xbox One from October 5.


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