Dawn of the Devs by Underdog Studioes

In a delightfully light-hearted display of reverence and parody, Dawn of the Devs brings many industry leaders from behind the keyboard to onto the screen.

Up now on Kickstarter, Dawn of the Devs is “a 2D puzzle platformer where three game industry gurus (Tom Schiffer, Biff Klozinski and Hiro Komiya) embark on an epic quest after they are drawn into the Wicked World of Gaming.”

The Gameyard

Utilizing the varied play styles of these three different developers, players find their way journeying through twisted lands, each of which is also inspired by different stages of game development. Biff, the developer of famous third person shooter Bolts of Battle serves as the combative front-liner with his Blazer weapon. Tom Schiffer demonstrates his point ‘n click adventure prowess via an infinite inventory and bizarre cursor perspective hijinks. Lastly the famous Hiro Komiya makes quick work of crowds through his cinematographic stealth espionage action.

These lighthearted and endearing, yet unapologetic depictions of key leaders shows what inspiration they have left with the developers of the game.

“We’ve been in this industry for ten years, and we’ve experienced both its joys and its misery” states Underdog Studios in their Kickstarter description. “We love our industry and everything that surrounds it.” Underdog Studios, an independent game developer founded last year, is comprised of Alfredo Gonzalez-Barros and Alvaro Gonzales: two game designers from Madrid, Spain. For the two of them to be able to work full-time on developing Dawn of the Devs, they’ve set their Kickstarter goal at $65,000 USD. If they should surpass this, they have a myriad of stretch goals listed, including three additional new playable characters.

The Wicked World of Gaming
A full map of “The Wicked World of Gaming,” where our three developers will need to travel to complete their journey. We have to wonder where the “Valley of Press Pressure” is.

While not the first project to gaze into the reality of video game development for inspiration, it certainly seems to be packed with plenty of heart and admiration, and we look forward to seeing where the project goes from here.

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