Something Dragon Ball-related is almost always about to happen. Like the release of Dragon Ball Xeonoverse 2 which seems to be almost around the corner. We’ve also got lots of talented filmmakers trying to add something to their favourite TV shows and media franchises, too.

Though if we have any filmmakers looking for an idea, I may have something for you.

You know how in Dragon Ball Z, Dr. Gero created a whole bunch of different Androids until he struck gold with Android 17 and 18? Well why doesn’t someone do a YouTube film or series on that? Why not tell the story of Dr. Gero creating all those different Androids?

If you look at the cannon, Gero did create a bunch of less successful Androids ranging from 1 to 15. I know the Androids ranging from 13 to 15 appeared in Super 13!, but that is a non-cannon movie and you probably know the film from Android 13 kicking Goku in the nads. Also, the Androids have appeared in filler and video games all over the years.

I mean you can do it in the gritty style of Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope, Dragon Ball Runaways or Dragon Ball Z, The Fall Of Man.

The story could follow a young and angry Dr. Gero vowing to destroy Goku after the destruction of the Red Ribbon army. Over time you can watch Gero build different Androids and see where he drew inspiration from with their designs. Here’s a bunch of questions a filmmaker could try and answer.

For example, were 17 and 18 two kids that he knew? Was Android 19 some kind of nightmare he had?

What inspired Cell? Did he have help with such a complex project? If so what happened to that help? Did the Cell project lead to him becoming a cyborg because he was injured somehow?

How did Goku’s adventures affect his experiments? Did the arrival of Raditz and Vegeta inspire him to try new things?

How come he didn’t finish 13, 14, and 15? Did they have some kind of flaw? Did he road-test his early Androids and did it go wrong?

All a bunch of possible ideas that you could use to get you going. Of course, you can always pepper the whole project with cameos from Goku during the years, or even imply that Vegeta and Nappa meet one during their short-lived conquest of Earth.

Though if you don’t fancy being that direct, maybe Gero could encounter Yamcha, Tien or Master Roshi or maybe Oolong and Maron?

I mean that’s Kickstarter I could get behind..

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