We previously reported on Bandai Namco filing a trademark in Brazil for a western release of Dragon Ball Fusions, and finally the game has been officially announced.

Dragon Ball Fusions launched in Japan earlier this year and now it’s finally making its way to the west next year. This new “portable Dragon Ball Action-RPG” as Bandai Namco are describing it, will be launching on the Nintendo 3DS in February, 2017.

The game combines fighting, customisation, and the ability to fuse almost any Dragon Ball character with another to create an insane fusion, more powerful than ever before. The game will feature an incredibly huge roster of characters which span the entire Dragon Ball universe, from the anime to the movies.

Featuring an Adventure mode and a Multiplayer battle mode, there’s something for everyone in Dragon Ball Fusions, as well as the ability to use the camera on the Nintendo 3DS to to take pictures with friends and fuse them with Dragon Ball characters or trade special moves with nearby players.

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With no specific release date, Dragon Ball Fusions will launch in February 2016.

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