Despite Bethesda’s plans to bring mods for Fallout 4 onto PlayStation 4, the company has hit some barriers and has seemingly gone back to the drawing board. Fortunately, that doesn’t spell the end for mod support on PlayStation 4 as Giants Software have revealed that they’ll be bringing mods to PlayStation 4 in Farming Simulator 16.

At Gamescom last month, Focus Home Interactive held a handful of sessions with Farming Simulator 17 giving a chance for press to experience the game first hand as well as ask a few questions, in that briefing the developers also revealed that Farming Simulator 17 would be the first game to bring mod support to PlayStation 4.

Of course, mod support in Farming Simulator isn’t quite at the same scope as those found in Fallout 4, meaning that bringing smaller files to PlayStation 4 is a lot easier, given the restrictions.

“Since the Farming Simulator series has a huge modding community and very open modding possibilities on PC, for us it was clear that the next step was to bring mods to consoles, so the PS4/XboxOne players can also enjoy the creativity of the modders and fans of our titles,” Focus Home Interactive told n3rdabl3. “We are always commited to bring the best experience to our players on all platforms and invested heavily in the compatibility of our proprietary game engine and tech which seems to be as of now one of the first engines to bring modding to PS4! We are proud of the achievement, and hope that our players will enjoy all the fantastic content that modders will add to the farming experience!”

Right now, we’re unsure exactly which mods will make their way to the game, but you can be sure that mods featuring additional tools and mechanics will likely find their way onto consoles.

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