Something I call “grown up TV” will never be as cool as Power Rangers or a comic book to me, so the best way for me to grow up is to make this grown up TV that much nerdier with some crazy TV crossovers.

What do I mean by grown up TV? I mean shows that don’t feature laser beams, robots, or any cool stuff. Grown up and mature like The Wire, House, or House of Cards.

Of course, we have the exceptions like Agent of SHIELD and DC’s TV Universe, as well as The Walking Dead. Though for the most part, they’re all based off of some sort of comic-related medium.

So what if TV producers tried to chase the geeky bucks a little harder, what if the spent some time in a comic book store and thought that crossovers were the best way to go? What if it turned out that someone in the 60s had already thought of Mad Men and tried crossing it over with Star Trek because they had the sets lying around Paramount Studios?

So here are 5 crossovers with geeky stuff and grown-up stuff… Enjoy!

Kamen Rider vs. Sons of Anarchy –  Imagine if one the many Kamen Riders has to go for America for a mission and encounters the Sons of Anarchy who oppose them? Would the super strong biker from another land come out on top? Or would the ultra-violent biker gang continue ruling the roost?

Ron Perlman is also famous for taking on roles where he has to wear lots of monster make-up. He could play one of Kamen Riders villains who tend to wear rubber suits and monster make up, though that’d be a little confusing… considering.

The Punisher vs. The Sopranos – Tony Soprano’s idiot nephew annoys Frank Castle and he decides to punish this waning crime family, but it’s not justice, it’s punishment.

Superman meets Mad Men – Clark Kent is in town to do a story on a very reluctant Don Draper for the Daily Planet, when Don becomes the target for a crazed ex-client. Superman must save the day, but will Clark find more than he bargained for?

G.I Joe investigates Billions – It turns out Bobby Axelrod’s success is accredited down to COBRA and it’s up to US Attorney Chuck Rhodes along with G.I Joe’s brain trust, and of course Snake Eyes, to take Bobby down.

Scott Pilgrim goes to Nashville – Scott and his terrible band have come to Nashville in search of a record contract but cross paths with Rayna Jaymes when they, and Juliette Barnes, headline a show she was promised.

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