Riding bikes in Grand Theft Auto has always been risky for me. I’m not exactly a careful person and more often than not I’ll find myself wrapped around a lamp post. But the idea of being in a biker gang on GTA Online may just have me actually pay attention to the road.

Although there are specific biker-themed crews in GTA Online, Rockstar are going to make being in an actual Motorcycle Club a little easier. In an upcoming update to GTA Online, Motorcycle Clubs will give players a whole number of new roles, from Prospect to President, with a ton of new competitive and co-op gameplay.

In addition, even more Motorcycles are coming to the game as well as new properties which include Motorcycle Club Clubhouses. There’s also a new custom Biker mechanic, and venues for those not so kosher business deals. There’ll also be a handful of new outfits, weapons, styles, and tattoos to really cater to bikers.

So what are you waiting for? Well, the update, most likely. Sadly there’s no definite release date for this update other than “coming soon”. Now would be a good time to hone your riding skills though.

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