Apple has killed the headphone jack, and while I personally don’t see a problem with it, there is one little issue for those still reliant on wired connections: How do you charge your phone and listen to music through the Lightning port?

The simple answer from Apple is to purchase one of their $30 Lightning docks, which is practical if you’re not planning on leaving the house any time soon, but what about on the go? Fortunately Belkin has come to the rescue, though you’re going to need to pay $40 for the privilege.

This $40 Lightning Audio and Charge Rockstar dongle will launch on October 10, according to The Verge, and is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a Lightning splitter that allows you to both charge your phone and listen to music using the other Lightning port.

Belkin does note however that you’ll only ever be able to use one port for charging and another for listening to music, so any other peripherals or add-ons you may have with Lightning functionality may not necessarily work. Also, if you’re still using the standard 3.5mm jack, you’ll also need to still attach the 3.5mm to Lightning adapter to the dongle – so you’re going to look pretty silly on that commute to work.

Alternatively, you could avoid all of this by purchasing some wireless headphones which will allow you to listen to music AND charge your phone. Of course, not everyone can afford wireless, especially the £150 asking price for Apple’s AirPods.

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