Mickey Mouse

It looks like Mickey and the gang may have a new animal friend if the latest reports are to be believed as Disney is apparently looking into purchasing Twitter.

A handful of reports have surfaced as of late to suggest that Google and Salesforce were interested in buying Twitter. The latest report, coming from Bloomberg, suggests that The House of Mouse is also interested in the microblogging service.

Details are pretty thin at the moment, but according to the report, Twitter is currently mulling over these bids. Now, it may seem a little bizarre at first for Disney to purchase such a property, but with an extensive list of studios under its belt, it does make total sense. Disney, along with its array of studios, also has stakes in ESPN, as well as having investments in A+E Networks, Vice Media, and Hulu.

The company also injected $1 billion into BAMTech earlier this year, which is the the arm of Major League Baseball’s Advancement Media division which powers the technology behind streaming services such as HBO Now. In fact, Twitter themselves have already been utilising BAMTech to power their weekly NFL streams.

To further add to this, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is also on the board of Disney.

Whether Twitter will actually sell to Disney, or even Google and Salesforce, is another question. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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