A little while ago a rumour surfaced to suggest that Insomniac Games were working on bringing their Xbox One action/adventure game, Sunset Overdrive, to PC. Sadly we’ve heard nothing official since, that is until now. But it may not be the news we were looking for.

While the rumour at this point may indeed have been false, Insomniac Games would be happy to bring their energy drink mutant-infused action game to PC. In response to player queries on Twitter, the studios official account said that they’d “love” for it to come to PC.

The only issue is whether Microsoft would allow it.

Of course, the tweet also mentioned Microsoft’s recent Xbox Play Anywhere scheme which now gives players the Windows 10 version of Xbox One games they’ve purchased for free, and vice-versa.

Whether or not Microsoft brings past games into the relatively new scheme remains to be seen, but a PC version of Sunset Overdrive is definitely something players want to see.

This does however conjure another question, which Xbox’s Phil Spencer previously stated, was that some titles may not come to Play Anywhere if they’re not a good fit for PC. Is Sunset Overdrive a good fit for PC? The game is pretty fast-paced and works perfectly using a controller, but on mouse and keyboard I’m unsure whether it would translate well.

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