The iPhone 7 has yet to be announced officially by Apple, but already the rumour mill is churning overtime specifically regarding whether or not the new handset will come with a headphone jack.

The first murmurs of the next iPhone omitting the headphone jack surfaced as far back as November 2015. Since then even more rumours and speculations have arisen. The latest batch however makes it seem pretty likely that Apple are indeed planning to do away with the headphone jack.

First, let’s jump into speculation.

Recently the popular peripheral maker Griffin announced the the iTrip Clip, a seemingly innocent peripheral for bringing Bluetooth connectivity to your headphones with almost any device. While ordinarily this wouldn’t cause much of a stir, but given the recent rumours, it’s beginning to look like companies are preparing for the lack of headphone jack on the new iPhone.

Like I said, this is speculation and could just be good marketing from Griffin. However, today we heard news from ZAGG, who have also announced a new line of wireless headphones. Again, it’s probably nothing, but the timing is interesting, to say the least.

Of course, with IFA taking place in Berlin right now, a lot of tech companies are announcing all of their new products, so this could be nothing.

Next, let’s jump back into rumours.

This latest rumour comes in the form of a leaked image of the supposed specification sheet for the upcoming iPhone 7. In the specification sheet, which could simply be a clever hoax, lists everything that’ll be included in the box.

One of those items in the iPhone 7 box, according to this leaflet, are “EarPods with Lightning connector”, as well as a “Lightning to headphone jack”. If this is legitimate, it could indeed mean that Apple are ditching the headphone jack completely.

Interestingly, the leaflet also lists this particular model as a 256GB iPhone, which if true, would mean the new iPhone would offer almost double the storage space of the highest spec iPhone currently available.

While the evidence is stacking on the new iPhone having no headphone jack, we have only a few days to wait until Apple confirm this officially as they’re holding an event on September 7.

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