Voofoo Studios has today announced that their upcoming racer, Mantis Burn Racing, will get native 4K/60fps support on the PS4 Pro when it launches later this year.

The game will make the most of the PS4 Pro’s power and 4K support by adding extra detail to the vehicles and environments, as well as offering a full 1080p view for each player in the 4-player split screen.

“With Mantis Burn Racing we’re delivering full native 4K whilst maintaining 60FPS without using checkerboard techniques or having to reduce any of our effects.” said Mark Williams, Technology Director at VooFoo Studios.

A handful of new screenshots have also been released which compare 1080p to 4K, check ’em out:

Mantis Burn Racing is currently in Early Access on PC with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release in the works.

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