Following Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Lumia business, the company have done very little to keep the brand at the forefront of mobile devices. Now, it’s looking like Microsoft may ditch the Lumia brand completely in favour of their own Surface Phone line.

Microsoft has been tipped to introduce a Surface Phone for a while now, and it seems like it could be coming quite soon. According to a new report, it’s being suggested that Microsoft is going to get rid of the Lumia branding and end the production of Windows 10 handsets by the end of 2016.

The company has already reported poor sales of its last Lumia line, so it looks as if Microsoft is ready to cut all ties and go back to the drawing board. Microsoft will reportedly “end sales” of the range in December 2016, according to a Microsoft employee talking with Winbeta.

The site also suggests that the Surface Phone will… surface… at some point this October, which does make sense following a tweet in which Microsoft’s Director of Engineering (Windows Fundamentals), Laura Butler said:

“Surface Phone not NOT confirmed. :-)”

If there is an event in October, I’m sure we’ll hear about it soon.

As for the Lumia range… farewell!


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