As the we enter the final term of the school year, Microsoft hopes to make education even more fun before Christmas with the release of Minecraft: Education Edition.

Announced earlier this year, Minecraft: Education Edition hopes to make exploring, building, and learning much more fun and interactive by offering teachers the chance to create curriculum-based lessons using Minecraft. This could involve having students explore ancient monuments faithfully recreated in the game, or other things like internal organs.

Minecraft: Education Edition will go on sale on November 1. Educators still interested in trying out the experience for free before buying can do so with the Early Access version, which will be available up until release.

In addition to the launch of the tool, Minecraft: Education Edition will also have its own hub that’ll include lesson plans and a Minecraft Mentors program which hopes to connect educators with those experienced in teaching with Minecraft.

Having entered Early Access in June, over 15,000 students and teachers have used the platform and helped bring improvements through feedback. The Education Edition will come with a handful of new key features too, including a new Classroom Mode, which acts as a sort of observer mode allowing teachers to keep and eye on students and teleport them to locations on a map.

Minecraft: Education Edition will also be kept in line with the main game with various new features from other editions including the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition.

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