Minecraft Chinese Mythology

Mojang has announced that Minecraft for various platforms, including VR, will be receiving a handful of updates to help users tweak game mechanics, improve VR experiences, and add more content into the game.

Starting with Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, Pocket Edition, and Gear VR Editions, players will soon be able to alter the games mechanics by editing text files to shake things up a bit. Coming October 18, players will be able to edit text files to make things huge or simply make Creepers blow up an entire island. It’s definitely an interesting way to allow mods without players needing to learn how to program.

For VR users, they’ll be getting more advanced controller support, which is likely a welcome addition. Gear VR and Windows 10 Edition players will soon be able to introduce the Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controller, and those with an Oculus Rift will soon be able to use the Oculus Touch controllers.

In addition, the update will also bring boss battles to the Windows 10, Pocket, and Gear VR Editions.

And finally, moving onto the Console Editions of the game, Mojang has unveiled a new content pack called the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up that’ll bring a new world and characters inspired by Chinese culture. In addition, the game will also see the arrival of banners and more logical biomes, like polar bears and igloos in arctic climates.

This update will arrive on Xbox and Wii U on October 4, with the PlayStation versions arriving on October 5.


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