Welcome to a new feature here on n3rdabl3 where I bring my passion for music to the forefront and share some fantastic music with you. I’m hoping it’ll become a more regular feature, but we’ll see shall we?

Upon hearing “Sky Run” by An Endless Sporadic, I’ve wanted to tell the world about my new discovery: a band which somehow manages to squeeze in almost every instrument imaginable into their one album, including “Hand­Hammered Lasagna Warming Trays”.

I happened to come across An Endless Sporadic’s new album, Magic Machine, by chance while browsing various tags on Bandcamp. At the time “Sky Run” was the only available track, and I instantly fell in love with it. Now, after being given the chance to run through the entire album, I have to say, I’m absolutely dumbfounded by such an incredibly complex and diverse album.

So let’s start from the beginning with “The Departure”, the album’s opening track. Immediately you’re given a taste of the album’s film score-like composure with a billowing orchestra which then slowly eases into the sort of prog rock I’m usually into. Later in the track you’re then given a glimpse into the psychedelic world of this album which is already an epic journey of proggy proportions.

Next up we’ve got the title track “Magic Machine” which seemingly throws you into an Alice in Wonderland mix of strings and piano, building up into a seventies guitar riff blasting you off into space. The title Magic Machine perfectly sums this track up as it genuinely feels like my ears are going on an adventure.

This fantastical mix of progressive rock, psychedelic keys, and instrumental madness continues into “Galactic Tactic” as we’re brought back down to earth thanks to the song’s slightly slower paced funk bass blended with mix of guitar licks right out of an 80s cop movie.

The album takes a more modern twist in “Finding The Falls” as the full band kicks back in during the introduction only to then spin right back around and kick into something that wouldn’t be too out of place in an episode of Knight Rider. Full of twists and turns, we’re back on this adventure with An Endless Sporadic, and we’re only on track four.

“The Assembly” begins of all things, with a horn tooting melody right out of Robin Hood. In writing it sounds like a mess, right? A prog band with brass instruments, that isn’t jazz? Well, you’d be surprised how well this actually works, in fact, you’d be surprised how well this entire composition works, it’s bizarre. It continues this way for around three minutes until the band kick in once again as flutes and synths continue to twinkle in the background.

Already exhausted “Agile Descent” allows you to have a quick breather until the quiet melody is disturbed a sporadic bass and keys driven chorus. The song builds back into a chaotic blend of guitars, bass, and drums only to leave you hanging with silence as the next track kicks in.

And here we are with the song that started it all: “Sky Run”. If I were to paint a picture based on how Sky Run makes me feel, It’d be in space, there’d be star ships shooting left right and centre. We’d be heading on an extraordinary journey of audible proportions as the sky’s the limit and only the music can stop us.

After what could be considered the climax of the entire album, “Through the Fog” brings us back down to Earth with a more calming symphony of sounds, once again throwing us firmly into a fairy tale world, only to kick us right back into reality with a fast-paced band-driven smash to the face.

The ending tracks “Sky Run” and “Impulse II” are in themselves a huge testament to how epic this entire album is. From start to finish you feel like you’ve been a part of something absolutely breathtaking.

I’m not sure there are enough words in the English language to describe just how wrong, yet so right this album really is. If you’re a fan of bands like Scale the Summit, Intervals, and Animals as Leaders, then you’ll feel right at home with Magic Machine. The unique blend of prog instrumentals mixed with instruments you’d never think would work in such an environment is just spectacular.

An Endless Sporadic’s Magic Machine is set to disembark on September 16. You can pre-order the album now on Bandcamp and receive both The Departure and Sky Run immediately.

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