Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs. Superman received a strong critical backlash and was pretty much panned by critics at the start of the summer. Does the Ultimate Edition with its longer run time improve the finished product?

Well after I bought the Blu-Ray exclusive I ended up putting the wrong disc into my player because neither disk is very well or clearly labelled. So we weren’t off to a great start.

One of my main criticisms with Batman vs. Superman was how poorly edited it was. It felt like so much connecting tissue had been cut, the whole subplot with what Superman did or didn’t do in the desert felt like it was missing and why Clark Kent had such an issue with Batman felt like it had been drastically cut.

The extra 30 minutes of footage does actually fill in some of these gaps. The extended desert scene does show Lex Luthor’s goons framing Superman and why the main henchmen has a flame thrower (to imitate Superman’s heat rays).

Also if you wondered what Gotham was like in this new film universe and you wanted more Superman, you do get that. Clark goes to Gotham several times and you find a rundown urban nightmare of a town who fear this new and more vicious Batman who has been operating in the Gotham area.

These scenes do make the film run a lot smoother and I’m not sure if a second viewing of the film softened the blow from the bad stuff like the cheesy grungy dialogue, Lex’s complicated plan, and Batman’s poor motivation to hate Superman.

However, despite the first two acts being much improved, it can’t take the flaws of the long final battle and two very hard to believe moments. The first moment is the infamous Martha scene, I know it was supposed to show Bruce Wayne stopping and realising that actually Superman is a good guy and they are both on the same side, and this Batman is totally unhinged, but I just think it could’ve been done in a better way.

You know, the more I think about the second problem with Lois Lane throwing away the spear, it kind of makes sense, it hurts Superman, so she got rid of it so the government or even Lex Luthor couldn’t nab it, then again I’ll probably change my mind on a third viewing.

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