Naruto is on its way out, the anime is drawing to a close and I needed a new muse, so I tried out Episode 1 of My Hero Academia, did I think it was a hero or just a complete zero?

Overall, I liked it. I’ve always been a big fan of superheroes and I’ve liked the Japanese take on superheroes with stuff like Kamen Rider, Android Kikaider, and of course, the one that started it all for me, Power Rangers.

Admittedly, when I had this whole premise for My Hero Academia summed up for me, I was little turned off. Initially when I heard it was a story about a kid who din’t have any powers, then suddenly develops the best set of powers and is shipped off to superhero Hogwarts to become a superhero, I wasn’t impressed mostly, because Sky High did this pretty well already.

Sky High was a Disney movie ahead of the current superhero movie renaissance which told the story of a superhero high school. It may not really hold up on a second watch I reckon.

Though, like with Attack on Titan and Naruto, I decided to try it out anyway. I admit from a purely visual point of view, the anime looks great, the slightly cartoonish and wacky look to this world is a welcome change, and the superhero designs that border on parody are memorable and come loaded with some great gags.

The story for episode 1 seems pretty routine. It’s your typical Mary Sue main character who is so bland that the viewer can easily relate to them but it still somehow endearing just on the cusp of becoming great, despite how everyone else sees him.

Humour seems to be the driving point of this whole franchise, it mostly resists the easy superhero jokes about costumes and so on and focuses on the cringe fanboy behaviour of Izuku who just wants to be a hero.

Maybe just watching episode 1of My Hero Academia wasn’t a great sample for this whole franchise, but I am hooked and interested to see where it goes and what weird things are doing with the US superhero tropes that they have to hand and where the story goes next.

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