Unsurprisingly Microsoft has slapped a massive deny stamp over the release of the NESBox, a retro games emulator for the Xbox One.

Last week word got out that the NESBox emulator had some how managed to pass certification and was due to arrive on the Xbox One over the weekend. Unfortunately that didn’t go as well as planned as Microsoft caught wind and denied the game’s release.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

In response to denying the emulator’s release, Microsoft said that the app “was unpublished globally or from specific markets”, and Microsoft required it to “remove Xbox platform support and republish”.

What does that mean exactly? Well according to Windows Central, Microsoft requires games apps, or apps which offer a gaming experience has to go through the [email protected] program ahead of its release on the console.

While the emulator may never end up on the Xbox One, there’s still hope for its Windows release. Though at this point it may not be worth it as emulators are a million-to-one on PC.


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