Microsoft has unveiled a handful of new accessories and peripherals for the Xbox One that’ll be coming just in time for the holiday season. These new accessories range from controllers, headsets, to controller bundles.

Two new controller designs are coming this fall, first is the Xbox Wireless Controller Dawn Shadow Special Edition which gives off an intense 80s neon vibe with its metallic magenta fading into matte black.

Next is one taken directly out of the Xbox Design Lab. Simply called the Xbox Wireless Controller in blue, this new controller is blue all over, from the D-Pad right up to the thumb sticks. If you’re a fan of the colour blue, then this one is for you.

The Dawn Shadow controller will be launching in the US, Canada, UK, and other Xbox regions this October. As for the blue design, it’ll be available in select regions on October 4.

In addition to the fancy colours, Microsoft is also updating the black Xbox Wireless Controller to include the new controller features announced at E3. This includes the PC controller bundles with the Wireless Adapter, and USB Charging Cable.

Finally, Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox Stereo Headset -Special Edition. This headset is not unlike the original Stereo headset, but rather than black it’s white! This will be launching in late October.



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