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Wouldn’t it be awesome if Amiibo compatibility extended further than the 3DS and Wii U? Well, that could be happening, possibly, as Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has hinted that compatibility could be coming to smartphones.

Speaking with IGN, Miyamoto responded to a question about Amiibo support coming to smartphones saying:

“There’s nothing we can announce today but It’s certainly an area we’re interested in, and today Apple announced some new news about their NFC technology. Until the announcement this morning there wasn’t a whole lot we could do, but now we can look at what they’ve said and how we might have an opportunity to use that.”

The announcement Miyamoto is talking about is the fact that the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and Apple Watch 2 will support FeliCa Type-F NFC contactless technology in Japan, which is used for a ton of payments each day.

However, NFC support has been available in many devices outside of the iPhone family of smartphones. Most Android devices support NFC, and for a while many Amiibo collectors have been using this technology to clone and back-up Amiibo.

Right now, there’s little reason for Nintendo to bring Amiibo support to smartphones as there’s only one Nintendo app which could utilise this and that’s their Miitomo social game. When Nintendo release more mobile games, like Super Mario Run, and the upcoming Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem game, there’s definitely more for Nintendo to work with.

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