During Sony’s TGS conference this morning, publisher Koei Tecmo announced the release date for its upcoming action game, Nioh.

Unlike other games, who just received Japanese release dates, Nioh actually received a worldwide release date of February 9, 2017. The game will be launching on PlayStation 4.

While the game was previously slated for a 2016 release date, a beta for the game which took place recently caused the developers to implement that feedback from fans into the final game.

Nioh has been compared pretty heavily to Dark Souls with similar cut-throat gameplay, though this time it’s set in a more feudal Japan than the Souls’ series more medieval settings. The game itself has players take the role of William Adams who travels to Japan to become a Samurai.

Nioh has had a pretty rough ride over the past few years as it was first announced as a PS3 game back in 2004. Well over 10 years later it’s nice to see that the game has a pretty solid release date.

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