If you’ve been itching to get into Destiny this morning because of the new Rise of Iron expansion which launched today, then good luck – because you’ll need it.

As of this morning players trying to access Destiny have had very little in the way of luck as high server demand has been pushing people into queues. Having launched at 10am UK time, players have been flocking to the game effectively overloading the servers pushing them into queues.

But these queues aren’t the only issue, with seemingly hundreds of thousands of people in the queues, matters are made much worse by players being randomly disconnected from the queue, forcing them to start all over again.

What’s more, players were also plagued with a constant “tapir” error. Though this problem has since been corrected only to force players into the aforementioned queues which are now topping the 300,000 mark.

This is the first time Destiny has struggled with demand. From the release of previous expansions things have gone pretty smoothly, however there seems to be something a little different about this one.

Maybe it’s the flaming axe that players can wield?

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